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Never give up on
your dreams.

A group of solid companies in the market, with more than 72,000 m² of built-up area in their production units and with such strong foundations, cannot be built overnight. We are talking about years of work, to be more precise, a little more than half a century always seeking innovation, to deliver much more than just the ordinary.

Delivering more than products, creative and innovative solutions that can transform and inspire the package industry, generating a better quality of life for everyone.

Therefore, the FCO Group was born from an inspiration called Francisco Zomer. An entrepreneur capable of materializing dreams that were far away and building a future that would change the lives of many people.

During this way, FCO has also become a supporter of large cultural projects, those that integrate, value and educate people through sociocultural activities to this day. Culture awakens dreams, nourishes the intellect and transforms the community as a whole, also contributing to an improvement in health, educational development and safety.

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    Provide innovation and results
    within the package industry,
    constantly analyzing the
    needs of its customers and
    enhancing the productive intelligence of its brands.

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    To be recognized for
    its innovative and
    competent performance within the
    segment, generating more
    value for its customers
    and brands.

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    • Focus on the customer;
    • Ethics & Respect;
    • Safety;
    • Innovation

Our Brands

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